He combines his experience as a Formula One driver with becoming the original ‘Stig’ (from BBC Top Gear) to delight audiences at home and abroad with either a hilarious after dinner speech or a captivating motivational address.

Perry’s bubbly personality and absolute refusal to concede defeat have made him popular with the press; The Telegraph headlined him as ‘a new cult hero’ The Times called him ‘the world’s unluckiest racing driver’ and America’s Sunday Express described him as a ‘comedian locked inside a racing driver’s body’.

Perry literally clawed his way to the top with very little backing but, with talent, dedication, determination and that famous sense of humour he always gets everyone’s attention. The fact that he was the original ‘Stig’ has a crowd cheering before he’s even started talking!

Perry's talks never fail to impress,
amuse and delight the audience...
is there no end to this man's library of tales?

Graeme Taylor – Marketing Manager, Bang & Olufsen